Community Deal

Offer Valid: 07/11/2020 - 12/31/2020
Join a team that educates. Become empowered.
Have you been thinking about using Essential Oils? Natural ways to support your immune system, your respiratory system, your pets? Making more do-it-yourself projects and staying away from chemicals as much as possible? 

If you are looking for someone to work with, join my team and let's get you in a 10 day education series in a private Facebook group. Oil Camp is a 10 day product information course. We will teach about the top 10 oils using videos and links and do it yourself projects. Camp generally takes 15-20min/day but there are 2 days that are slightly longer. It is very interactive. You don't just watch or read; you give constructive comments and can interact with other campers. Every day camp is moderated with a trainer or trainers to respond and answer questions. For those completing 70% or more, there are prizes that are provided by your camp sponsor. They are worth putting in the work for. But more than prizes, you learn how to really use your oils. How to open those bottles and put them to work for you. Camp is only for those actively enrolled on our team and should only be accepted by those who have 15-20 min to put in per day and who want to participate and learn. All this is provided for free. Contact me to get started:


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